Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So what is EFT?

I like to think of EFT as acupuncture without the needles, combined with positive affirmations.  When I first learned about EFT, I already had a good idea of how the human body worked thanks to my Master's education in Forensic Anthropology.  I also had used an acupuncturist on several occasions to help me stop smoking, lose weight, get pain relief, etc..  Yet, just about anyone knows the general placement of the brain, digestive system, bones, etc.  Unless we are specialists, we likely don't know the names or placement precisely, but most of us can still conjure up a rough sketch.  We can picture our circulatory system of arteries, veins and vessels branching out through our bodies.  Just as blood flows through our veins, energy flows through its own intricate system of channels. EFT operates on the same system of energy lines that acupuncture does. Acupuncturists spend years studying and memorizing this intricate system - if you want pain relief, they stick you in one place; want to stop smoking, they have a different set of points for that.

So EFT founder Gary Craig, now retired, came along and found a shortcut.  If you tap along the meridian at the end point, that pulse from the tapping will travel throughout the length of the meridian and clear out blocks whether you know they are there or not, just in the same manner as a needle being placed in a blocked spot would. 

But how do you know which meridian to tap on for, say, pain in your leg?

Well, there aren't that many meridians that you need to tap.  Gary Craig developed a technique for tapping where you can work through each of the main meridians within just a few minutes!  By going through all of them, you don't need to know where the block is specifically.

The trick comes with knowing what to say while you're tapping.  Self-examination is a challenge for most of us, especially the honest kind, so I think while we can effectively tap through some problems very successfully (I have a headache), knowing that buried reason what keeps causing that problem (I get daily tension headaches, my children are screaming and they don't listen, so I'm shouting because I'm frustrated with always being ignored, which stems way back to when I was a kid feeling frustrated with my mother for ignoring or shouting at me) sometimes takes an outside observer to help uncover.  But once you discover the root, you can easily tap it out yourself.

The theory is that a large percentage of our physical ailments stem from emotional 'blocks'.  When you suddenly can't find your child and you get that wave of panic, that sinking feeling in your stomach - those are physical responses to an emotional state.  When we are terrified and get that release of adrenline to help us run away - that is a physical response to an emotional state.  The problem is, if we get lots of physical responses to all of our various emotions - stress, heartbreak, fear, anger - we get, in a sense, blocked up.  We start to feel sick, we get headaches, random pains in our bodies.  If we continue being blocked up, the theory is that we develop conditions like depression, chronic fatique, tumors, etc.  EFT helps us clear out those blocks to prevent and/or heal.  Since we are such emotional beings, using EFT on a regular basis to deal with all the 'downs' in our lives, will help us to have more 'ups'.

Now this is all a theory, and my explanation of EFT may or may not be how others explain it, but what I do know is that if you are interested, research it.  Try it!  Lots of practitioners offer free generic scripts for you to try out.  Pam Powers, my friend and EFT 'guru', shows you how to tap on her website, and will be posting EFT scripts here after I blog about a problem or challenge I'm dealing with.  If you're dealing with the same issue, tap with me!

In the last six years I've married, had two children, divorced, moved fived times to three different states, had lots of money, been completely broke, been employed and unemployed.  EFT has been there to help me with ALL of it.  I've decided it's time to do my part and spread the word about this amazing new healing technique that everyone should be using, because everyone can be helped by it, whether you pay for it or not.  This blog will serve as a 'fly on the wall' opportunity for you to hear details of my conversations with Pam - what problems I'm experiencing, and what to tap through.  And I'll do my best to always post follow-ups.  If you try it, please share with us your experiences as well!!


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Tonhya Kae said...

Oh how Jonna and I relate to this post...it's funny how similar we all feel about this issue. Love your blog so far! :) Miss and love you.