Saturday, November 20, 2010

Epidemic of Bullying in the Schools

Bullying by kids in the schools has become an increasing epidemic. In Chinese astrology, every twelve years we have the Year of the Monkey, and people born during that year have a predilection for controlling their world....sometimes forcefully.  The majority of Monkeys are lithe little monkeys, full of fun and spirit.  Then there are some chimps, and orangutans and baboon types who like to have things their way.....and then there are the gorillas who throw their weight around to get their way, regardless of the circumstances. ....”my way or the highway” is their motto. 
2004 was the most recent Monkey year; the previous one was 1992, and these kids are hitting 18 about now. They have cut a wide swath thru high school in the last four years.  It would be interesting to go back in history and see if this bullying type problem is more acute when Monkey people hit their the middle 80’s when the Monkeys born in 1968 went thru high school. 
The Chinese animals are archetypes for the organs of the body and the acupuncture channels called meridians, where acupuncturists place their needles. The Monkey is the archetypal animal for the Urinary Bladder in this system....bladder control, anyone?????
The Monkey person who bullies, creates a world of his own....and no one can pierce it.  He puts a smile on his face that says  "Everything is FINE" with a glare that says "don't go there".  They can deny themselves something on the conscious level so they won't be denied on the subconscious level.   At some point, it’s a good bet they were abused,  or victimized in some way, and they vowed it would NEVER happen again; they would never reveal their true feelings again.... they would never be put in a compromising situation again....they would never be 'weak' to their minds, again...and in some cases, they would hurt as they were hurt. 
So, they literally throw their weight around.....and most of them have a girth.  They have a philosophy, mostly conservative, and will see nothing else. Nothing else exists. Nothing else is right. In order to make sure they are right, they will brook no nonsense about an alternative view. No one is right except them, and they will do almost anything to prove that.  If they have been hurt to the core as a child, they want others to feel it too.   So, they cut this wide swath thru school, and now with cell phones and texts, and tweets, and FB, they can do it nearly anonymously if they want to,,,,but most times they don't care; they want to exact their revenge and want you to know who did it. In a school, it just takes a few of these king kong types to galvanize others into a pack. 
So, what can teens do about bullying?  In EFT we’re encouraged to “try it on everything” so why not this?  
When we tap for a relationship between two or more people and ourselves, we are setting energy in motion.  When we change, the world around us changes.  When we initiate tapping, even to say “I’m being bullied and I don’t know what to do, but I deeply and completely love and accept myself”; the answers start to flow. 
Teens can tap for their bullying problem, or parents and teachers can surrogate tap for them.  It’s best for teens to tap on their issue, for when they see shifts and changes they start to feel more powerful in their world and know they can effect change. 
What about the bully? What about these Monkey types who have to control?  Kids born in 2004 (or between 3-5 pm in any year) are a clean slate and can be encouraged to use the positive aspect of their energy. ,, they need to be encouraged to have trust and faith.  They need to be encouraged to watch and observe, and see how events play out when they don’t jump in to control it and have their way. These Monkey children need assistance to move into their positive energy, and be a force for good. 
Parents can surrogate tap for their child: 
 “Tapping for ________________” x3
“Even tho I, ___________, have the need to control, I deeply and completely love and accept myself; I’m a great kid”
“Even tho I want other kids to do what I want them to do when we play, I’m a great kid anyway”
“Even tho I can’t help it but jump in and take over, I’m a great kid anyway”. 
“Even tho it’s hard for me to let others have their way, I’m a great kid, and I’m going to try...”
This is called “global” tapping, for generic issues, but it’s even better if we tap on specific events.  So after an incident, you can tap for your child and use the incident that occurred, i.e., 
“Even tho I hurt Billy today when I wouldn’t let him play with my toys, and pushed him, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, I’m really a great kid in my heart”....and tap that at every point. 
Those are just some ideas for correcting bullying.  For more indepth interpretation and scripts, contact me,, and I will have some more ideas on my website, soon.  Good luck!

copyright 2010, Pamela Leigh Powers, all rights reserved. 

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