Monday, October 18, 2010

Reply to "Opinions, opinions, opinions

People give advice for a number of reasons...1) they can be sincere from their point of view. 2) they can feel a need to be superior and their way is best so they feel better about themselves, and 3) they want power over you so you'll doubt yourself. 
First you need to tune in to the truth of who you are....Are you a sane, concerned, practical, genuine, individual who has the best for your children at heart? From our years together, I would certainly say yes, you are.  
I know someone who is a hedonistic, neurotic narcissist, so when friends and family encourage him to let his children go away to college, they are really trying to free these kids from their daily hell.  But, when you know you’re coming from a pure heart, then you just need to get clarity. 
Assuming these people are trying to be helpful, there are extroverts in this world who think that everyone should be out mingling with other people. Then there are introverts who would rather be anywhere but out there. Extroverts are going to say “put your child in public school” and introverts are going to say “you’re so right to keep them home”.  Neither is wrong. It’s what’s right for each individual. In this instance, it’s what’s right for your child.  Is she an introvert or extrovert? Would she benefit more from school or not?  I know I was an introvert, and one day they got me up, took me to the first day of kindergarten, vanished, and I don’t think I ever recovered. 
There are advantages to going to a public school, and there are disadvantages.  Some say the school system is ‘dumbing down’ our kids. They certainly don’t seem to be getting the education they used to.  So, you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re giving her a solid foundation. 
But, when it comes down to this fine line.....should you listen to well intentioned friends or not, it isn’t a matter of right or wrong, it’s a matter of what’s best for your child.  At such times, it’s good to just tap:
KC: Even tho I want to home school my child, and I’m told to I should send her to school, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, love and accept my and accept the good intentions of my friends. x3
BE: Even tho I feel home schooling is the best way for my daughter to get an education, but I’m told I should send her to school, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, love and accept my and accept the good intentions of my friends. 
SE: Even tho I’m in a quandry as to what the best thing is to do.....teach her at home....send her to school.  I want to do what’s best for her....I want her to get a good comfortable around other kids.....socialize and be at ease in all surroundings.... I deeply and completely love and accept myself, love and accept my and accept the good intentions of my friends. 
UE: I send it out to the Universe for the right answer.  I wait, and listen; observe and watch. As I tap and accept, tap and accept, tap and accept, the answer comes on angel wings, and when I hear it, I’ll know with supreme confidence that it is the right one...the right answer, and then I’ll be certain, and I’ll go forward, implementing that answer with absolute conviction that it is right for her. 
tap at each point:  I accept it, I accept it, I accept it -
5 fingers: Everything is possible, miracles are happening now.
clap wrists: The Dali Lama says it is our life’s purpose to be happy....and by extension, happy, well and free.  I let go and allow the universe to present me with the perfect answer. 
That’s just a shorthand version of what a full script would encompass.  A  script such as this can be adjusted to any criticism you  “Even tho I’m told I should be an immaculate house keeper at the expense of the mental and emotional health of my children, I deeply and completely.....etc.” can tell I was never god’s gift to housework! But there is a happy meeting ground! 
EFT is a wonderful modality.  Yes, we tap away pain, but when we tap, we set energy in motion, and answers we’d not ordinarily receive, are revealed. In this instance, it may be the very best thing for your daughter to be taught at home, based on her personality.  But we also have to look at ourselves, and see what else might lie beneath our desire.  By tapping every day ....say a month....or until you receive your answer (which is usually quicker), all of a sudden, you’ll see something on tv, or read something in a book, or someone else says just the perfect thing that clarifies the situation, and then you know which way to go.  EFT helps us to detach, not have a charge on the outcome, pro or con, and be open to receive the perfect answer.  

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