Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was alone til my children were born.....

I love Ana's comment, "I was alone til my children were born".....I felt that way too.  Children have the potential to give us the love that we might not have received in our own youth....and mine certainly did!

Yet, there were family patterns that came down thru the generations that affected my children. I was a single mother raising three children and I wish I had had the skills to fix those issues at the time. Now I have the EFT tool in my metaphysical tool belt, and I've found it to be the most consistent one, that works when nothing else will.  

My adult son is open to it, and I have seen many special shifts and changes in the last few years.  My daughter is not into holistic work, so I find that because I have changed doing EFT, my reaction to her is different, which helps the relationship. One could also do surrogate work in such an instance. I didn't get into EFT until after my second son died at age 30 of melanoma, and I wonder what difference it would have made.

I liken life to a Rubik's cube.  Generations ago, a family member took the Rubik's cube of Life  and cranked it a couple of times.....but got it back into alignment. Then it went down to the next generation, who perhaps did the same thing. Then somewhere along the way, someone cranked it one time too many, and  got it out of whack...and from generation to generation we've been trying to get that Family Rubik's cube back into its original form. 

That's what we do in EFT.....we bring our life back to normal. We take the extremes and find ways to normalize them without angst.

There is kinetic energy, which is the world we live in...then there is potential energy that's just waiting for us to ask.  It seems that's what EFT does....we tap the 'meridians'  (see  www.acumindeft.com/howtotap.html ) and send the vibrations coursing thru our body, making our positive statements, and the Universe listens and responds.  

Sometimes with little kids we're tearing out our hair and don't know what to do.  At those times, simply tap on the collarbone point (where a man's tie is knotted) and think "Even tho I'm overwhelmed and I don't know what the answer is here, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, love and accept my kids.  I know I'm a good mom and I know I have good kids beneath all this chaos, and love will prevail and give me the answers"......if you know EFT you can tap the whole sequence, but if not, just start there. Repeat the statement a few times as you tap. It'll calm you down to start, and then shifts will happen, ideas will pop into your head....maybe someone on the tv will say just the right thing....or a friend calls and gives you some help.  EFT works in mysterious ways and it doesn't always have to be an instant change. ....Pamela Leigh Powers. CCHT, EFT-adv, Regenesis IT, TFH

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